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Executive Summary

Our group was given a Pioneer 1074 chainsaw to dissect and analyze. This chainsaw was top of the line during it's day, however it is now 29 years old. Technology has not changed to much on chainsaws since then, but newer models have much more power. There are no specs online of the chainsaw that could be found.

Group info

Group Members

Cam Borowiec - Project Leader

Andrew Koonce - Wiki Expert

Scott Chown - Communications Liason

Matt Lang - Solid Modeling Expert

Gagan Reddy - Dissection Leader

Group Member Pros/Cons

Members Pros Cons
Matt Lang -5 Years of CAD Experience

-Works Well in Groups

-Little Understanding of Engines

-Poor Public Speaking

Andrew Koonce -Knowledge of Engines

-Good With Computers

-Poor Public Speaking


Cam Borowiec -Good Public Speaking

-Natural Leadership Skills

-Poor Writer


Scott Chown -Good Communication Skills

-Good With Computers

-Lacks Dissection Knowledge
Gagan Reddy -Prior Dissection Experience

-Knowledge of Engines


-Busy Schedule

Gate 1: Request for a Proposal

Gate 1 can be found here.

This Includes our work proposal, management proposal, Gantt Chart, and an initial product assessment.

Gate 2: Preliminary Project Review

Gate 2 can be found here.

This includes any causes for corrective action, an analysis of the disassembly, and a step by step process of the disassembly.

Gate 3: Coordination Review

Gate 3 can be found here.

This includes a component summary, some suggested design revisions, solid modeling of a main system, and an analysis of engine seizure.

Gate 4: Critical Design Review

Gate 4 can be found here.

This includes a step by step reassembly process, and a final assessment of the chainsaw.


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