Group 30 - Ryobi Contractor's Saw

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Skil 2.3 HP Circular Saw

Mae277 002.jpg Specifications

-Arbor Size: 5/8 Round

-Blade Diameter: 7 1/4"

-Cord Length: 6'

-Depth of Cut at 45 Deg.: 49mm max cut

-Depth of Cut at 90 Deg.: 62mm max cut

-Max. Motor HP: 2.3 HP

-No Load RPM: 4600/ min

-Current Rating: 12 A

-Voltage: 120 V

-2 point line of sight

-Safety lock/guarded trigger

-Anti-snag lower guard.

Executive Summary

Our group was assigned to analyze the physical and operational characteristics oh a 2.3 hp Skill circular saw. This report will include a description of the overall design concept and manufacturing processes that were used to construct this saw. Additionally, we will examine the materials used and the overall technical concepts that were implemented to make the operation of this component possible and make assumptions based on knowledge we gained this semester to explain why many of these concepts were used.

We began simply by brainstorming assumptions of the basic concepts of how the saw worked and what components and materials we could expect to come across upon disassembly. During the disassembly we identified each component and considered its purpose. This process took approximately 45 minutes.

The saw can be broken down into two different sub-assemblies that are coupled together via a reduction gear and a few 1 7/8 in. 30 Torx screws. The first sub-assembly is the 12 Amp electric motor and its casing. The motor drives a shaft that is coupled to the saw assembly which is comprised primarily of mechanical components.