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Initial Product Assessment: The Ocean Wonders Mobile was developed by Fisher-Price for home use. Its many functions including ceiling projected light patterns, soothing lullabies and ocean sounds, and floating, rotating fish are designed to calm babies in their cribs as they go to sleep. It also features a remote control so that it can be turned on and off from a distance so the child is not disturbed or woken. Its adjustable pivoting swing arm allows for mounting anywhere from the rails of a crib, to a dresser top. The remote control features a single on off button. It uses chemical energy from batteries which is converted to electrical energy. When the button is pressed a signal is emitted from the remote control by way of LED infrared pulses. A receiver built into the mobile component receives the pulses of light. The mobile component also runs off of chemical energy which is supplied by batteries, which is converted to electrical energy and used in various ways to run the different functions of the mobile. Some of the electrical energy is used to run a tiny motor which converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy in order to spin the head of the mobile and the hanging objects. Another portion of the electrical energy is converted into light energy in the upper portion of the head component to project the patterns onto the ceiling. The third use of the electrical energy is used to power the speaker which converts the energy into a rhythmic mechanical energy to produce sound waves. The mobile appears to be in good working order; however a few tests should be run in order to confirm that it is running at its full potential. Overall this mobile does not appear to be very complex. There are many functions that can be performed by the product, but the components that it uses are not to complex and are packed into a small product. The make up of the product is mostly plastic. The inner workings would be comprised of some small circuit boards, an infrared sensor, a small motor, some speakers, and small light bulbs. The mobile is very user friendly. It has clearly marked switches to adjust the volume of the music and ocean sounds, brightness of the lights, and on/off switches. The remote control has one button simply used to turn the product on and off. The only maintenance required would be to replace the batteries in both the main unit and the remote control which each only require the removal of a couple phillips head screws for child safety purposes. There are many different alternatives to this mobile made by Fischer-Price and many other companies. Many alternatives could be found at a cheaper price than this specific mobile. There are many benefits to this product including the ability to vary the sound an light intensity, and also the convenience of the remote control.