Group 2 - GM 4.3 L V6 Vortec Engine

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Brian Quinlan (
Abhiram Rao (
William Janiak (
Kenneth Martin (
Emmanuel Obunadike (

Engine Specifications

IMG 20110930 165540.jpg
200 HP
250 lb-ft of torque
15/18 mpg


This project analyzes a GM 4.3L Vortec V6 Engine through the process of reverse engineering. The report is made up of 5 gates.

| Gate 1 (Due: 10/10/11)

This gate is the planning stage of our project. We propose how we are going to manage the work and how we are going to reverse engineer the engine. We lay out group responsibilities and set weekly meeting and lab times so we can efficiently disassemble and reassemble the engine.

| Gate 2 (Due: 10/31/11)

This gate is focused on how our product was dismantled. We spent time in the lab dismantling the engine and took careful note of how it was done, the tools that were used, the parts that were removed, and the difficulty to do so.

| Gate 3 (Due: 11/18/11)

This gate is focused on the manufacturing processes used to create the many components of our engine. We cataloged the many parts of the engine, as well as the manufacturing process used to create the part. We also produced an Inventor drawing of some of the engines component systems.

| Gate 4 (Due: 12/5/11)

This gate is focused on how we reassembled the engine. We spent time in the lab and took careful note of how we reassembled the engine, and how difficult it was. We also came up with 3 system level design revisions.