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(Product Analysis)
(Product Analysis)
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==Prduct Explanation==
[[Group 2 Gate 1|Project Overview]]
[[Group 2 Gate 4|Product Explanation]]

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Project Summary

Eager Beaver Chainsaw

We will dissect an Eager Beaver chainsaw by McCulloch. This product is sold for household use and was developed in Arizona in 1988. It uses a gasoline internal combustion engine to power a chain, which is the mechanism that cuts the tree or limb. We will analyze how the design was affected by various factors. By reverse engineering each of the chainsaw's subsystems, we will discover how each system provides its own function while contributing to the main goal of whole system.

Group Members

Name Email
Brad Anderson bradande@buffalo.edu
Adam Chamberlain adamcham@buffalo.edu
Russell Pernal russellp@buffalo.edu
Ryan Brion ryanbrio@buffalo.edu
Nick Kier nrkier@bufalo.edu

Project Overview

In the Project Overview we will organize our group to accomplish our task. We will lay out a general plan, evaluate our group members, assign jobs, and develop a basic understanding of the archeology of the product.

Product Dissection

In the Product Dissection we dissected the chainsaw and documented the process. We also assessed the group's work thus far, and planned for future work.

Product Analysis

Now that our chainsaw is dissected, we will look individually at each part, evaluate their purpose and how they were made. We will catalog every dissectible part with essential parts will be more closely scrutinized. We will model the drive train to better show how it works. We will also consider the chainsaw weaknesses and suggest design revisions.
Product Analysis

Prduct Explanation

Product Explanation