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Group 28 is participating in a product dissection of a gas powered pressure washer for the University at Buffalo’s class MAE 277 taught by Erich Devendorf. The power washer itself is going to be broken down into separate sections allowing two groups to work on it simultaneously. Group 27 is working on the compression unit of the washer while Group 28 works on the engine separately.

Group 27's page can be found here:

Having little experience in the field of engineering, the group sees this as a great opportunity to learn how to work together and perform an analysis on a product that is common in our world. By taking the engine apart and thoroughly documenting every part of the process, the group will learn skills required to advance our knowledge of how things work and gain significant engineering experience.

Washe r1.jpg

Below is a list of the gates that are associated with this project.

Group 28 gate 1: Work Proposal, Management Proposal, Initial Product Assessment

Group 28 gate 2: Causes for Corrective Action, Product Dissection Plan

Group 28 gate 3: Component Summary, Design Revisions, Solid Model Assembly, Engineering Analysis

Group 28 gate 4: Product Reassembly

Project Members:

Daniel Reilly (

Timothy Dino

Dylan Conway

Jack Rinaldo

Kyle Berninger