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Nerf Vortex Nitron



Our group has taken the product at Nerf Vortex Nitron. Taking that product we are trying to analyze the parts, their sub parts and the functions of each parts. The main purpose of product Nerf Vortex Nitron is to find the uses and the advantages of the parts and also to bring certain changes if we need to get more benefits from the product selected. The product Nerf Vortex Nitron was launched on 2011 under the vortex series. It is powered by six “C” batteries. It comes packed with twenty disc magazine, a Centerfire tech electronic scope and twenty XLR dices. The main product users are the teen age kids. There are no any restrictions on any places or the countries around the world to use it unless it harms any body.

Project Management

In this section we are providing how our group is going to be an effective team and our future management.

Work Proposal

Plan for assembly and disassembly

The disassembly and assemble of the product is not so complicated comparing other products with a lot of parts. To dissect the product, we need some mechanical equipment like Philips head screwdriver, flat head screw driver, and rubber hand hammer. Since most of the part of the Nerf gun is tighten and held fixed by using Philips head screw so we are going to use Philips head screw driver the most to assemble and dissemble. The flat head screw is used to hold in between the two main cover parts and the rubber hammer is used to disassembly the plastic part. The rubber hammer is used since it is soft and light so it cannot bring any physical damage to the product. In our approximation it may take about 2 to 3 hours to dissect the product. In addition to it, it may take an hour to analyze the interior parts and their functions to operate. Finally to assemble it back may take about an hour, so we conclude that we can open it up, go through it and bring it back in its original form in about 5 hours the most. During this procedure we may have some challenges coming on our way like difficulties on open the parts or complexities on the functions of some parts so we can’t get the knowledge out of it and so on.

Tools we are going to use

  • Phillips #1 screwdriver
  • Phillips #2 screwdriver
  • needle nose pilers


The mechanism how it works seems complex and challenging, whereas the part that functions is not too difficult to analyze. The magazine that holds the discs has spring so it gets compressed when we add the discs on it. The compressed spring’s potential energy is used to move up the discs and gets loaded in the barrel. The most important part of mechanism is the use of battery by the motor to run Nerf gun. The combined power of 6-c batteries is sent to power up the motor, which helps the product to run in automatic mode. This is the main feature on the product that can be complicated to explain and elaborate.

Evaluation of Group Members

Table 1:Analysis Group Members According to Their Capabilities
Group Member & Title Technical Experience Computer and design skills Communication Experience with WIKI
Kushan Abeyawardhane Has played with Nerf guns Has good experience with computer design Has alright communication skills Has experience with WIKI
Steve Mounnarat Has little experience with Nerf guns Has decent experience with computer design Has okay communication skills Has little experience with wiki
Lok Baral Has no experience with Nerf guns Has experience with computer design Has good communication skills No experience with wiki
Edward Has played with Nerf guns Has little experience with computer design Has excellent communication skills No experience with wiki
Jordan Has experience working with Nerf guns Has experience with coputer design Has excellent communication skills No experience with wiki

Capabilities that We need to Develop

Overall our group is packed with the knowledge to dissect and assemble this product properly. Only thing we have to improve is our coding skills for WIKI and develop this page in to professional level.

Management Proposal

Work Distribution

To manage the project we have assigned parts to each member of our group to perform in order to complete it on time. We have divided the parts and sub parts to do by each person and share among the other members of group. The whole project is sub divided and written by separate person and it is combined, checked for the errors and finally forwarded for the proposal. We share information, ideas and concept among group members through e-mail and often by cell phones. We meet at Capen Library most of the time with flexible schedules like 12.30 pm, 5 pm after class or sometimes in the morning on week days.

Roles and Responsibilities for each Member

Name Role Responsibility
Steve Head of Communications Responsible for contacting professors and TA’s. Also manages when the group will meet and makes sure that the group knows the schedule. Steve must make sure that he is recording when the group meets and for how long.
Jordan Engineer Jordan is responsible for taking apart the Nerf gun and putting it back together. He will have to make sure that he knows what tools he will need, and how to take it apart.
Kushan Abeyawardhane Project Leader As project leader Kushan will have the final say in what happens. He is the one who will assign parts of the product to group members. He needs to makes sure that at every meeting we have that our objective was completed for that day. Editing and revising is also another main part of his role
Lok Baral Research Expert His job is to obtain research about the Nerf guns. He is responsible to find out how the gun operates and record it. Lok must find out how far and fast the gun shoots, how much the gun cost, and where it can be bought..
Edward Technical Expert Edward’s role is to make sure that every part is accounted for when the product is disassembled. He is also responsible to make sure that the group stays on task and does not wonder to much off topic.


The group kept track of when we meet and the things we wanted and did accomplish.

9/25 Meet in Capen at 5:30 pm:

  • At this meeting, our group divided up the gate, and decided who was going to do what. The group decided that we will meet again 9/28

9/28 Meet in Capen 12:30 pm:

  • This meeting our group figured out how to work with wiki, and reviewed what each person had accomplished so far

10/4 Meet in Capen 5:30pm:

  • The group has indivually finished their parts and are now being assembled and formatted properly on the wiki

Plans to overcome group conflicts

So far only conflict we have got is getting everyone together at once. Since we have different class schedule, we have agreed to meet every Saturday from 4-6pm to talk about upcoming tasks. Apart from that we meet in random times on weekdays. All the group conflicts are solve by discussion. Anyone can comment or disagree on each other role part.

Product Archaeology

This section contains about the product history, process, performance, user interface and product comparison. All facts that we researched and found out.

Development Profile

The Nerf Vortex Nitron was developed in 2011 by the Hasbro toy company. Some of the key economic factors and global factors that needed to be addressed were:

  • Economic factors: This product is meant for children. This means that the Nerf gun can not be too expensive. The target audience for this gun is children, but it will be parents purchasing the toy most. This means the gun needs to be made cheaply, so it may be sold at a reasonable price, while also being durable to withstand the usage of an 8 year old.
  • Global factors: violence amongst young children is a concern since the product simulates heavy artillery weaponry. So it is beneficial to make the product not look violent but appealing to children that it would influence them to buy this product.

This product is sold at many retailers in America which include Target, Wal-Mart, Toy “R” Us, and Zellers. They are also sold in Japan by Takara Tomy, but for marketing reason have some of the Nerf products under different names. Also since the product is can be sold online it is accessible to customers who does not have a store that sells the product making available to anyone worldwide who has access to the internet. The intended impact on the consumer is a fun and safe way to play with your friends using products that mimic heavy weaponry. It allows the children to momentarily experience operating a weapon without the violence they may see in the media keeping them safe from harm. Children should be able to enjoy this product so much that they will be enticed to buy more just to enjoy it with their friends.

Usage Profile

Intended Use

  • The Nerf Vortex Nitron is intended to be used by children that are at least the age of 8 years. The gun is able to be used indoor or outdoor. To maximize the performance, of the Nerf Vortex Nitron should be used inside. Wind can have a large effect on the accuracy of the gun due to the disc shaped bullets.

Recreational Use

  • The Nerf Vortex Nitron is meant to be used for recreational use. Children are able to safely use the Nerf Vortex Nitron at home. The disc to not have a lot of mass, which means that the force of the disc after being shot will not be high enough to knock over any furniture, also will not harm the user unless they are hit in the eye.


  • The Nerf Vortex Nitron was built to have a fast firing rate, with automatic an automatic blaster. It is also meant to be a long range Nerf gun. When the disc is shot at a 0 degree angle, it will travel on average 55 ft. The Shape of the disc themselves, improves the range of the Nerf gun. When the gun is fired, the disc have a tendency to curve right, but then back towards the target. This is caused by the spin put on the disc by the fly wheel.

Energy Profile

Electrical : There are batteries within the Nerf Gun, which is used to turn an electric motor.

Mechanical : The trigger transfers mechanical energy from your pull of the trigger into movement of a plunger to push ammunition into the firing mechanism of the gun

Once a switch is activated on the gun, electrical energy is converted to shaft energy by an electric motor, which spins a set of flywheels. The pull of the trigger uses mechanical energy to push a round of ammo into the firing mechanism, which is then shot out of the barrel by the rotating flywheels.

Complexity Profile

There are roughly 8 parts we are able to recognize, and we expect to find more once it has been taken apart


  • Body
  • Magazine
  • Battery door
  • Barrel
  • Ammunition
  • Electric motor(s)
  • Plunger
  • Trigger
  • Other internal parts to be discovered

This Nerf gun is not very complex. It consists of a magazine, a body, barrel, battery door, and ammunition. Within the body there are a few more hidden parts such as a trigger return spring, wires, electric motor(s), a plunger to push rounds into firing mechanism, and something to attach the trigger to the plunger such as a push rod or connecting rod.

Component Complexity

The components are not very complex them selves. Each component can be simply made by a form to mold them or is mass-produced. The electric motor is the most complex component because it has a metal shell with copper coils within and a magnet with wires to excite and turn a center shaft.

Complexity of Component Interactions

The component interactions are very simple. The trigger pushes ammunition into the flywheels, which are spun by electric motors (or a single electric motor which will be determined after the dissection takes place). Then round leaves the barrel.

Material Profile


From the outside of the Nerf Gun the materials are simple. The shell is made of plastic and the screws holding it together are metal.

  • Plastic (Nerf gun body and XLR disc center)
  • Steel (screws)
  • Foam (surrounded edges of XLR disc)


We are not sure about the material that are inside until we take it apart. Tho we think interior consists of spring steel for the springs inside the gun. Also there is plastic for the trigger and plunger and many other components. The motor(s) consist of metal, magnets and copper for coils. There is also copper inside the wires that are coated in plastic. The majority of the components are made of plastic and a few are made of metal.

User Interaction Profile


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Main User interfaces

We played around with gun when we got it for the first time. Everyone had no issues using it although one of our members had never used a nerf gun before. He even found it easy to use except he couldn’t figure out how to take out the magazine. Despite fact this gun is 8+, because of the safety measures it allows anyone to use without any difficulty. User Interface There are Five Primary user interface in this model

1) Acceleration trigger:

  • Which allow user to power up the flywheel

2) Launch (fire) trigger:

  • Enables to fire a shot.
    • When both triggers are held together it will enable the user to fire 2-3 disks per second

3) Removable magazine:

  • This contains ammo capacity of 20 foam disks per magazine. There is a release lever to remove the magazine from the gun and load the magazine and when it put backs, it gets locked automatically by the lever.
  • User should load disks one by one and should never load the dicks upside down.

4) Battery compartments:

  • There are two battery compartments in this model.
    • One is for the gun and other one is for the scope.
    • Both compartments are locked with a nut to keep small children’s reaching it. So the user needs a screw driver when he/she want to replace the batteries. And user will require 6xC (to power up the gun) and 2xAAA (for the scope) batteries.

5) The Centerfire Tech Electronic Scope:

  • This scope helps the user to take a target and shoot.
  • There are green LED lights in various moving sequences which can be controlled by a button on its side.

6) Disc Eject Switch:

  • This allows user take out a jammed disk and control the disk input to the accelerator.

Because of the simplicity of these interfaces, the product requires minimal knowledge to use. However, there are certain safety measures the user must first familiarize him with. While they are not all intuitive (such as allowing the flywheel to fully accelerate) they are quite simple, and require minimal user effort once the safety measures are known. In addition the general safety tips should be known by the user which is not a challenge once known.


There is no major maintenance for this product. We should know how to replace batteries when they worn out. The main problem that will occur is if a dick gets jammed inside the blaster. All you have to do it remove the magazine then slid and hold the DISC EJJECT SWITH back word so that jammed disk fallout from the magazine slot. Another issue is that the C batteries will usually last between 12-20 hours of usage.

Alternative Product Profile

Product Name Image Advantages Disadvantages
Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster
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•Can carry 144 ammunition.

•Darts are much accurate on targets.

•Model is kind of bulky.

•Age requirement is high.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster
border 250
•Can shoot 100ft flat.

•Has more fire power.

•Dart capacity is only 6.
• It’s single fire dart.
• More expensive.
• Can’t use by small children.
NERF® N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster
border 250
•Only need 4 batteries to operate.
•Magazine carries 18 darts.
•Can add barrel extension
• Has low reliability.
Raider CS-35
border 250
•Has impressive dart capacity of 35.

• Has rapid fire option

•Have less accuracy and range.

Comparing Nerf Vortex Nitron with other selected products

Name of the product Price($) Ammo capacity Weight(lb) Range(ft) Blaster type Age limit
Nerf Vortex Nitron $39.99 20 4.7lb 100ft Flywheel 8+
Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster $31.99 144 2.8lb 75ft Flywheel 8+
Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster $49.99 6 5lb 100ft Reverse plunger 8+
NERF® N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster $39.99 18 4lb 75ft Flywheel Teenagers
Raider CS-35 $34.99 35 2.7lb 75ft Reverse plunger 6+

We can see the Nerf Vortex Nitron is a competitive product among other nerf gun models. But if we consider GSEE factor, the ideal product is Raider CS-35. It’s the cheap under economy factor. And light weight and carry more ammo considering social factor. If we considering different usage cases such as "Nerf Gun League", it's better to go with a gun that can carry higher ammo capacity (eg-:Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster).


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