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== Gate 1 Product Predisection Analysis and Planning ==
== Gate 1 Product Predisection Analysis and Planning ==

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Craftsman Eager-1 Snow Blower


Name Title Contact Qualifications
Daniel Bachman Project Manager bachman6@buffalo.edu
  • Procrastinator
  • Mechanically inclined
ByungGun Song Technical manager byunggun@buffalo.edu
  • wiki writing
  • fast in calculation
Matthew Kryzak wiki researcher mtkryzak@buffalo.edu
  • wiki writing
  • basic mechanical skills
Michael Regis Communication manager mgregis@buffalo.edu
  • lacle of dissection experience
  • basic mechanical skills
Jack Wong Research manager jackwong@buffalo.edu
  • research & analysis
  • basic mechanical skiils


Within the 5 Gates of this project, Group 25 will disect and reassemble the Crafstman Eager-1 snow blower. This machine was built approximately in the mid to late 1970's and as such it is quite beat up and there is no product code to confirm its age. There are also a few minor pieces missing such as the air filter and the gas tank cap, which will not have an effect on the overall purpose of the assignment. The snow blower will be completely taken apart and analyzed on a piece by piece basis to obtain a better understanding of how the machine works over the following 5 gates:

Gate 1 Product Predisection Analysis and Planning