Group 25 - Harley-Davidson® Rocker™ Power Wheels

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In late September of 2010, group 25 of MAE277 was assigned the task of reverse engineering what at first we believed to be a Harley Davidson motorcycle, or at least part of one. It was to our great surprise and relief when we discovered that the product was actually a small blue Power Wheels Harley Davidson. The project consists of the dissection, documentation, and reassembly of this toy. The purpose of this project is to develop technical writing and the skills necessary to cooperate in a group.

Harley-Davidson® Rocker™ Power Wheels

Executive Summary

The Power Wheels Harley-Davidson© RockerTM is a great way to introduce a young child to motorcycles. This product is meant for boys of 11/2 to 4 years of age and has a max weight of 50lbs.

Our task was to reverse engineer a Power Wheels Harley-Davidson© RockerTM. To start we had to divide the workload, devise an approach to dissect the product, and analyze the energy flow through the product. The next step was to physically dissect the product. By dissecting the product we were able to not only learn the placement of the different components, but how many different materials and processes were used in the manufacturing of the RockerTM. By analyzing the individual components and systems we were able to devise revisions to the product that would increase the safety and convenience of the product. After thoroughly analyzing the product we reassembled it and returned it to a fully functioning state.

Gate 1: Request for Proposal

Gate 1 is the first step in the reverse engineering project of the Harley-Davidson® Rocker™ Power Wheels. It is the plan that has been made before dissection in order to be organized as a group, learn about the products functions, and work on the project more efficiently. This includes a work proposal, management proposal, preparation and initial assessment. Click the link below to navigate to the Request for Proposal.

Gate 1: Request for Proposal - Harley-Davidson® Rocker™ Power Wheels

Gate 2: Product Dissection

The purpose of this section of the project is to physically dissect the product and document the process. By doing this, we will learn how the different components of the product interact.

Gate 2: Product Dissection - Harley-Davidson® Rocker™ Power Wheels

Gate 3: Product Analysis

Gate 3: Product Analysis - Harley-Davidson® Rocker™ Power Wheels

Gate 4: Product Explanation

Gate 4: Product Explanation - Harley-Davidson® Rocker™ Power Wheels

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