Group 23 - SKIL 6445-01-RT 7 Ampere Hammer Drill (Half Inch Chuck)

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SKIL 6445-01-RT 7 Amp Hammer Drill


Group Members

  • Alex Negri - Project Manager
  • James Spellman - Wiki Developer, Scribe, Proof-Reader
  • Mitchell Staunch - Head Researcher
  • Mark Arnone
  • Harrison Schaffer - Researcher, Proof-Reader, Editer


Our Product is the SKIL 6445-01-RT 7 Amp Hammer Drill. We will be assessing and dissecting the product in order to provide a better perspective on the decisions that went into its design. This method of reverse engineering will give us the knowledge of how to go about designing a product.

Project Gates

Gate 1

Gate 1- Project Planning