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Product Proposal


When we were young, all of us had a curious at every single item. For our group, since every group members are male, one of the best item what we were getting curious is Toy gun. We are sure that every children want to disassemble their toy. Of course all of our group members were too. Time goes by we are loosing curious for a toy because every single person need to care about their own life. Even we are studying mechanical engineering in college, we actually don't care how a toy-gun works. However, since there is a project that is helping understand how a machine works, we all choose a Nerf- gun for the project. For this proposal we are talking about the GSEE factors of Nerf gun, complexity of the Nerf-gun before we disassemble this, cost of the usual product and ownership for it. Even we choose the product, which is Nerf-gun, there are abundances of different Nerf-gun exist. Therefore, we choose a specific Nerf-gun for this project and the model number is Rapid-strike CS-18. After we choose the model, we actually need to care about GSEE factor for this Nerf-gun.

GSEE Factor

A. Global factor

it can be find by how it looks. In most county having a real gun is a tort. However, in some countries, such as the United States of America, having a real gun is legality to protect own body. Since Nerf-gun is really colorful and doesn't look like a real gun, shaping of Nerf gun can be a Global factor. If a Nerf gun looks really similar with a real gun, people will scare at it when someone is carrying this, but because of its shape, everyone gets that this is not harmful; therefore, Nerf gun is better example for the Global factor.

B. Economic factor

To play a survival game with toy gun needs some items except toy gun for safety. However since the Nerf gun use foam for bullets, it doesn't need any protecting item to protect body. For an example, playing with a paint ball gun needs safety items, because if the paint goes through someone’s eye, it possibly causes a blind person. Not only pain ball gun but also BB gun too. Playing with a toy gun must include, glasses, armor for body and gloves. However since there is nothing to need to play with Nerf-gun, we choose that the Nerf gun have better Economic factor than any other toy guns.

C. Societal Factors

Since the age group for Nerf gun is children, the most important thing is that the product is safe or not for children. For the Nerf gun, it uses foam for a bullet. Which is bigger and safer than plastic marble. At least it is bigger, it means that this is safer because when children try to eat, adult can easily see and make them stop. If the bullet is really small, no one can cut when his or her child try to eat its bullet. Also putting something in a hole can result a serious problem, but because the bullet is not small enough to put in a hole, children cannot put the foam in a small hole in their body, such as nostril and earhole. Because of those reason, we are sure that Nerf-gun has Societal Factor.

D. Environmental factor

How many people know the time for rating a plastic in the ground? It takes over 300 years to rate in a ground and before it rates, it makes hard for a plant to grow up. Which means negative effect for environment. The reason to tell this information is help to understand what negative effect occurs with playing with a BB gun. Because the bullet is really tiny, it cannot be reused. When someone play with the gun, there are bunch of plastic garbage on the ground what makes a negative effect. Also for pain ball gun, paint surely has some chemical solution. And it cannot be a positive effect for the environment. However, using Nerf gun dose not make any negative effect because the bullet for the gun can be reused, and the material of the bullet is foam. The bullet is big and easy to pick up. Therefore, Nerf gun has environmental factor by those reason.

Product Complexity

This product has a motor inside. So when we pull the trigger and accelerator it constantly shoot the Nerf bullet. This part we assume how the product work before we assemble this product, and this is the step we assume.

1. Insert batteries to activate motor

2. Install Bullets

3. Load the Bullet at first time

4. Pull the accelerator button, then the motor inside of this gun rotates

5. As it rotates it must pull the spring inside back to store energy for shoot.

6. When you pull the trigger the gates for bullet opens.

7. There must have hole to bullets go in when the energy is stored by spring constant.

8. The bullet has been released by the energy stored by spring

9. While bullet is firing, the bullet inside magazine is elevated by the spring inside the magazine to reload.

Those steps are what we think before assemble the product. Surely, it will change after assembling the product.

Product cost and ownership

The cost for Rapid-strike CS-18 is 40 dollars that is not over limit that we can use for this project. Also in amazon, we can get 10 dollar off so the actual price is 30 dollars. Therefore buying the products for the project is possible in amount of money we can use. Since those products are made for children, all the age can get this without age limit.


Before this project, we ignored about a toy because it looks too simple for an engineering product. However, during search information about Nerf-gun, our group figured out that even this small toy has lots of science and engineering information. Therefore, we are sure that this project will be a term to change our thought about a machine. Since we just start the project, we are hoping that we are going to get a lot of fun about the project.

Gate 1

Gate 2

Gate 3

Gate 4

Final delivery