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This is a reference page for Group 21. The timeline contains each gate and what is to be finished. Specific tasks were assigned to each group member and due dates were given. Meeting minutes and group assignments can be found here. Meeting minutes will contain information concerning the gates and other issues that concerns the group. This page will be updated weekly.


Project Team

Table 1: Group 21 Roles, Responsibilities and Contact Information

Nicholas Harrison Task Manager His responsibilities include assigning tasks to be finished. Problems and concerns of the group should be brought to him. email-
Jonathan Hughes Dissection Expert His responsibilities include dissection and reassembling the product. He has the most experienced so any questions concerning those parts should be directed towards him. email-
Elizabeth Moon Photographer Her responsibilities include overseeing the dissection and reassembly, noting any problems that may have occurred, while taking photographs. She will also be responsible for one design revision. email-
Garrett Rice Mechanisms Expert His responsibilities will include mechanism analysis. Any questions concerning this topic should be brought to him. email-
Tiffany Vinette Project Manager/Wiki Expert Her responsibilities include programming the wiki, allowing for appropriate technical communication. All finished parts of the gates are to be sent to her by email before the due date. She is also responsible for the project management portion of the project and updating meeting minutes. She will send out additional emails containing meeting minutes and tasks to be finished for the week. Any non technical problems concerning the group should be brought to her. email-

Project Timeline

Table 2: Weekly Schedule

Week of Sept 10 Week of Sept 17 Week of Sept 24 Week of Oct 1 Week of Oct 8 Week of Oct 15 Week of Oct 22 Week of Oct 29 Week of Nov 5 Week of Nov 12 Week of Nov 19 Week of Nov 26 Week of Dec 3 Week of Dec 10
Monday Meeting
Product Proposal:
Section 1: The Four Factors
Section 2: Product Complexity
Section 3: Product Cost and Ownership
Turn in Product Proposal Due 9/12
Gate 1:
Work Proposal
Management Proposal
Product Archaeology
Wiki Update
Turn in Gate 1 Due 10/8
Gate 2:
Preliminary Project Review
Wiki Update
Turn in Gate 2 Due 10/26
Gate 3:
Cause for Corrective Action
Component Summary
Product Analysis
Solid Modeled Assembly
Engineering Analysis
Design Revisions
Wiki Update
Turn in Gate 3 Due 11/16
Gate 4:
Cause for Corrective Action
Product Reassembly
Design Revisions
Wiki Update
Turn in Gate 4 Due 11/30
Gate 5:
Finalization of Deliverables
Final Assessment
Technical Report
Oral Presentation Date TBD
Wiki Update
Turn in Gate 5 Due 12/ 14
Monday Meeting
Gate 1 Tasks
Gate 2 Tasks
Gate 3 Tasks
Gate 4 Tasks
Gate 5 Tasks
Finished Tasks

Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes that are included here are ones covered during gate 4 process. Past meeting minutes can be found on our Project Management page.

Nov 19: No meeting was held this week. Have a good holiday!

Nov 26:

  • We will meet Tuesday, Nov 27 from 9-11am to reassemble our product.
    • Additional meetings will be added if needed
  • We will meet again Wednesday, Nov 28 at 10am to finish reassembly.
  • Each group member was assigned a part to finish for Gate 4.
  • Parts are due Thursday Nov 29 at 5pm to Tiffany's email.
    • Cause for Corrective Action- Tiffany
    • Product Reassembly- Two parts
      • John- Explain the assembly process. Include:
        • the tool used
        • a description of what you did
        • how long each step took
        • how the product was originally assembled
      • Liz- Any challenges we faced during reassembly and describe how they were overcome.
    • Mechanisms- Nick
    • Design Revisions- For this part, each group member will make one change for the product at the system level.
      • change or elimination must address one or more GSEE factor
      • change or elimination must improve performance, serviceability, cost, etc.
      • keep in mind target audience and price point when making changes
    • We have to make one of these changes into a presentation that is also due Friday.
    • Someone will present to the class next week.
  • Please send your parts to me in a format that will be easy to put up on the website and that follows good technical communication guidelines.
  • Edit: Nov 29. Garret will be making the slide show and presenting to the class