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To conclude the course project and ensure that Group 20 has compiled a seamlessly written technical report on the Ford Mustang Power Wheels, the group assessed the previous gates and finalized all deliverables. Also, the group will present the results of the project and proposed design revisions to the entire class. With the completion of this gate, the course project will come to a close.

Project Management

Finalization of Deliverables

In order to prepare the final technical report Group 20 has isolated areas from previous sections of the report that require improvement or alteration. Since Group 20 has performed well as a group and received high marks on the various sections of the report throughout the semester, few revisions are required to create a well compiled technical report on the Ford Mustang Power Wheels. These alterations are ultimately based on the comments, suggestions, and criticisms Group 20 received from the instructor and the graders and are outlined below:

\'\'\'Gate 1 – 4 points lost\'\'\'

  1. Product Development Profile: Electricity usage vs. Cost of Ownership
  2. Product Development Profile: Identify Key Global Concerns
  3. Energy Profile: Add Rotational Energy from Human User
  4. Improve Reference Citations

\'\'\'Gate 2 – 16 points lost\'\'\'

  1. Project Management: Specify how to overcome future challenges
  2. Dissection Assessment:
    • Ease of Disassembly Scale: More specific/add examples
    • Identify the physical connections of the drivetrain
    • Further Specify Adjacent Subsystems
  3. Remove Dissection Video

\'\'\'Gate 3 – 5 points lost\'\'\'

  1. Project Management: Did meeting more often for Gate 3 help with the deadline? Will you repeat this for Gate 4?
  2. Engineering Analysis: Clarify Problem Statement
  3. Design Revisions: Describe "Extra physical connections of the Gearboxes"
  4. Design Revisions: Cost of Changing the Mold vs. Simplifying the car

It should be noted that all the above revisions are bolded and italicized where they were added and were done on December 14, 2010. With the finalization of the deliverables, Group 20 provides a complete technical report on the Ford Mustang Power Wheels.

Final Assessment

In addition to fixing the previous gates to make a seamless technical report, Group 20 was also required to complete a group evaluation form. This will be done on an individual basis and provide insight as to how well each group member contributed to the project.

Project Archaeology

Technical Report

Along with revising the previous gates, Group 20 created an executive summary of the project summarizing key processes and findings. This summary is located on the main page of the project report. With the complete finalization of the gates and the executive summary, the final technical report can be accessed through the group\'s main page by following the links to each individual gate.

Oral Presentation

For the final task of both Gate 5 and the project as a whole, Group 20 was tasked with preparing a five minute presentation on the Ford Mustang Power Wheels and its design. Group 20\'s presentation highlights the background information on the product and its original design while focusing on proposing potential design revisions for the car. These design revisions were developed based on how global, societal, economic, and environmental concerns are impacted by these revisions. Group 20\'s oral presentation was given by Project Managers Zack Wilson and Mike Rossi on Wednesday December 8, 2010. The design revisions which were highlighted and discussed in the presentation were making the radio optional, making the key a functioning on/off switch, and attaching a padded cushion to the steering wheel. The slides for Group 20\'s presentation can be found below in Figure 70.

Figure 70: Group 20\'s Slideshow Presentation of the Ford Mustang Power Wheels

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