Group 1 - Upright Piano

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As part of our MAE 277 course, we are required to select a mechanically operating product, and dissect it to reveal its internal mechanisms and workings. For our project, we chose to examine a 1962 upright spinet piano made by Star Piano. In addition to the piano, we also purchased a spare action (not for the same model of piano, but still an action) that will most likely be taken apart in lieu of taking apart the piano's action.

Frontal view of piano to be dissected.

Project Gates

  1. Project Planning
  2. Product Dissection
  3. Product Analysis
  4. Product Explanation
  5. Delivery

Group Members

Matt Swenson- Project Leader (

Chris Chungbin- Technical Expert (

Matt O'Connor- Co-Technical Assistant (

Sam Kriever- Technical Assistant (

Sam Kielar- Communication Liaison (