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Nerf Vigilon Vortex
The Nerf Vigilon Vortex.
Nerf Speed Load 6
The Nerf Speed Load 6.


Product Overview

For this project we are going to dissect two very different Nerf guns. We are going to take apart a traditional dart gun and a newly released disc shooter. The dart gun is a part of Nerf’s dart tag series and is called the Speedload 6. It has an integrated clip that holds six darts, and to fire it you pull on the back and it loads the bullet and gets the gun ready to fire. The Vortex Vigilon, which is the disc shooter, is similar to the Speedload 6. It has an integrated clip that holds five discs, and it shoots the same way as the Speedload 6. The goal of this project is to compare and contrast two similar guns, made by the same company, that perform in similar yet different ways. Also, we want to see if they are as different or as similar as they seem. We are dissecting these guns to see which technologies are similar, which are different, and if we can improve one using the others technologies. Over the next few weeks we will be attempting to accomplish this goal and our results will be thoroughly documented and posted on our Wiki.

Team Overview

\'\'\'Richard Sambuco\'\'\': Project Manager

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Cell phone number: (631)-365-3904

\'\'\'Sean Amundsen\'\'\': Technical Communication Coordinator

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\'\'\'Ian Dipace\'\'\': Technical Expert

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\'\'\'Matthew Szmak\'\'\': Analysis and Research Correspondent

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Executive Summary

As a group we performed a comparative engineering analysis of the Nerf Vortex Vigilon and the Nerf Speedload 6. We performed several processes, including an initial analysis, disassembly, and analysis of the internal components , design and manufacturing process. Through our analysis we had a few major finding such as a difference in firing mechanism, which eventually led us to develop a design revision. In Gate1 we created a plan to dissect the guns and analyze them in order to complete the deliverables. We created an outline of a meeting schedule and assigned tasks to each group member. Throughout the project we used our conflict resolution model in order to keep conflicts to a minimum and successfully complete our assignments. Our initial analysis of our guns led us to create a profile of the guns that would be later supported or contradicted through a more thorough analysis. In Gate2 we dissected the guns and studied the internal components and interactions. Through our dissection we were able to develop a flow diagram for energy, mass and signal. We were able to study and report the manufacturing processes as well as the assembly process for the internal mechanisms. Gate3 was composed of system level analysis and an analysis of the guns sub systems. Gate4 was composed of the reassembly and an analysis of possible system level redesigns.

Project Gates

Gate 1: Project Planning

The goals of this gate were to assess the basic skills of the group and determine what skills needed to be developed throughout the project. We also were to gain a general understanding of our products and create a plan for carrying out the successive gates . The deliverables that we completed for this gate in order to accomplish those goals were a work proposal, management proposal and product archeology.
Gate 1:Planning

Gate 2: Nerf Gun Dissection

The goal of this gate was to disassemble the two guns and document the disassembly. We implemented our plan from Gate1 and completed the deliverables which were a Preliminary Project Review and documentation of the Product Dissection.
Gate 2: Nerf Gun Dissection

Gate 3: Nerf Gun Analysis

The purpose of this gate was to complete a detailed analysis of our products by examining them at the component and subsystem level. We created a technical report that consisted of a component summary, solid model assembly, product analysis and engineering analysis in order to complete the deliverables for this gate.
Gate 3: Nerf Gun Analysis

Gate 4: Explanation

The goal of this gate was to successfully reassemble our products and compare the original assembly and the reassembly. We created a detailed conclusion about the products and presented it in a final technical report.
Gate 4: Reassembly and Explanation