Group 19 - Ford F-150 Power Wheels: Gate 4 Project Management

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Cause for Corrective Action


With being the last Gate before final submission group 19 has solved mostly all of the original challenges that have limited this group since the beginning of the semester. Although, stated in Gate 3, the group had three challenges that had yet to be resolved. The Gate 3 challenges are listed as followed:

  • Contact and communication issues
  • Shorter time-frame to complete Gate 3
  • Crammed workload from other classes

Over the duration of Gate 4, the group tried to make sure that they addressed these challenges so that they did not limit the overall performance of the group that had limited them in the past, especially in Gate 3.

Unresolved Challenges

  • Contact and communication issues –This unresolved challenge of contact and communication issues was also an unresolved challenge in Gate 3. Group 19 has still not resolved this challenge yet, since it is still difficult to assemble all the group members together at meetings and communicate through emails. To deal with this challenge, the group leader has decided for everyone to communicate through cell phones instead of e-mail since that shortens the communication time span.
  • Shorter time frame to complete Gate 4 – This unresolved challenge of a shorter time frame to complete Gate 4 is also an issue since a reasonably high volume of work needs to be completed by the deadline which seems to be much shorter than the other 3 gates. Our group also will have to deal with the thanksgiving break which will limit our group from meeting together as well as reassembling our product during that time period. To deal with this issue, Group 19 will establish mini gates within Gate 4 which all group members must comply with in order to finish Gate 4 effectively in a timely manner. If certain members to not comply with the mini gates, they will be at risk of the group leader getting the class instructor involved.

Resolved Challenges

  • Crammed workload from other classes

With this gate being due before final exam week and before any in-class exam, completing this gate for the members of Group 19 did not come with much conflict. With a lightened schedule the group was able to meet a total of four times in two weeks to complete re-assembly as well as meet in the library to complete the written parts for the wiki including corrective actions plan, design revisions at a system level and reassembly conclusion.