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Power Wheels Ford F-150


Executive Summary

The Ford F-150 Power Wheels is a product by Fischer-Price that is designed to look and feel like an actual Ford F-150 Pickup Truck. The product is a ride-on vehicle designed for a child to be the primary user.

The key processes of this product is for a child to be able to sit in the vehicle and actually operate it. The child would drive and steer the toy product making the child believe that they are driving an actual truck. The Ford F-150 Power Wheels is also advertised in having "monster" traction tires, meaning they are good for off-roading and rough terrains. This is different from Fischer-Prices's other ride-on vehicles. This leads the child to feel more adventurous when operating and driving the product. In order for the product to operate, several electrical and mechanical systems are implemented with the vehicles. More details about these systems are discussed within the gates stated below.

The findings that Group 19 has discovered during the entirety of the project are numerous. In terms of actually performing the project, each group member has gained much experience in how to function with others as a team. Group members were each given a different role and their own value that contributed to the project as a whole. In terms of the product, dissecting, analyzing, and reassembling the Ford F-150 Power Wheels had taught everyone in the group about actual applications of technical systems. It has also given the group hands-on experience that is useful in all engineering jobs and applications.

Group Members

  • Craig Freier
  • Bradley Huynh
  • Douglas Long
  • Emmanuel Obunadike
  • Jeevan Suparmaniam
  • Adrian Wong

Gate 1: Project Planning

Gate 1

Gate 2: Product Dissection

Gate 2

Gate 3: Product Analysis

Project Management
Product Archaeology

Gate 4: Product Explanation

Project Management
Product Archaeology

Gate 5: Delivery

Gate 5