Group 18 - GM V-6 Engine

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Executive Summary

The project as a whole went smoothly with a few minor problems but nothing too hard to overcome. The hardest part of the project was coordinating with Group 34 and how duties would be split between the two groups. As planned, disassembly took three weeks to finish. Some problems that were faced during the dissection were the removal of the harmonic balancer and the flywheel. The harmonic balancer required a pulley puller, which was not readily available, and the flywheel removal involved some added disassembly of the engine stand. Reassembly went smoothly knowing how to deal with the challenges that were faced during the disassembly. The overall outcome of the project was a success. All of the Gates were completed on time and all of the Group 18 members worked well together the whole way through.



  • Brett Bowman
  • Matthew Bradley
  • Meredith Canty
  • Derek Feld
  • Andrew Ring


Cropped engine.gif

  • Manufacturer: General Motors
  • Model: Vortec 4300 V6 Engine
  • Approximate year of production: 1985
  • Types of vehicles engine is used for: Chevrolet Blazer, Chevrolet Astro, GMC Safari, GMC Jimmy, etc.
  • Our task was to reverse engineer the engine and analyze its components, how the components were manufactured, and how they come together to work as a unit.

    Gate 1: Request for Proposal

    View our Request for Proposal:

    Gate 2: Preliminary Design Review

    View our Preliminary Design Review:

    Gate 3: Coordination Review

    View our Coordination Review:

    Gate 4: Critical Design Review

    View our Critical Design Review: