Group 17 - Fisher-Price Power Wheels Jeep Hurricane

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The Jeep Hurricane


Work Proposal

Write here, Josh

Management Proposal

Write here, Jamie

Product Management

Product Archaeology

Create a development profile for the product(s):

Create a usage profile for the product(s):

Create an energy profile for the product(s):

Create a complexity profile for the product(s):

Create a material profile for the product(s):

Create a user interaction profile for the product(s):

-The surfaces are fairly intuitive, aside from the radio which may require some adult assistance.

-The product has very few components to control for its operation, providing a simple or otherwise un-overwhelming experience for the young operators.

-As for maintenance, that can be determined by how well the vehicle is taken care of as well as the craftsmanship originally vested in the product.

  • maintenance could include tightening components every once in a while to cleaning and other minor tasks.

Create a product alternative profile:

-There are a few alternatives to our product that are similar, but due to their designs bring with them different advantages and disadvantages. For example there is the Razor brand of ride on vehicles that are more faster and meant for a new type of thrill, whereas the Ferrari replica ride on vehicles bring with themselves much more realism.