Group 16 - DeWalt 4 1/2 in Angle Grinder

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DeWalt 4 1/2" Angle Grinder


Project Summary

In this project our group will dissect a DeWalt 4 1/2" Angle Grinder in order to analyze its components and gain an in-depth understanding of the design factors and how they influenced the final design. While the angle grinder may only be capable of spinning its attachments at high speeds, the great diversity of tasks and functions provided by those attachments means the grinder had to be designed to function under a variety of orientations, forces, and resistances. By analyzing each component of this product we will determine what factors and considerations went into designing a product that would hold up in these many different scenarios.

Group Members

Ethan George
Michael Halloran
Zachary Picciano
Thakur Phuyel
Tharaka Gabadage

Gate 1

In Gate 1 our group formed a plan for dissecting the product, assigned roles and responsibilities to each group member, and came up with a general idea of what we expected to find when dissecting our product.

Gate 2

In Gate 2 our group assessed how we were performing and what issues needed to be fixed within our current group structure. We then dissected our product and formed step by step instructions for this dissection process, along with an analysis of why the subsystems were arranged the way they were.

Gate 3

This is Gate 3