Group 15 - Skil 7 1/4 in Circular Saw

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Project Gates

Gate 1

Gate 2

Gate 3

Gate 4


Executive Summary

Project Overview

Team Members

  • Nicholas Grieco (
  • Theodore Nalesnik (
  • Joshua Beres (
  • James Pullano (
  • Colin Mutton (

Gate 1: Project Planning

Gate 1 includes the initial assessment of both the product and the group members.

Gate 2: Product Dissection

Gate 2 includes the physical dissection of the product and an analysis of the subsystems found within it.

Gate 3: Product Analysis

Gate 3 includes a detailed analysis of the product on a component and subsystem level.

Gate 3

Gate 4: Product Explanation

Gate 4 includes the physical reassembly of the product and an analysis of all the information gathered in order to arrive at conclusions about it.

Gate 4