Group 15 - Craftsman Weed Whacker

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Group 15 - Fall 2011

Figure 1.1 - The 1991 Craftsman 26cc Weed Wacker our group has worked on throughout the semester.


Executive Summary

Throughout the course of the semester our group worked on a 1991 26 cc Craftsman weed wacker. The first task that we needed to complete was to decide what each member of our group was best at. This allowed us to decide what each of us should do for the project. In this stage of the project we also needed to perform a thorough assessment on the weed wacker, and figure out certain aspects of our weed wacker along the lines of its energy profile (Gate 1). The next portion of our semester long project was to completely dissect our weed wacker. While we were doing this we had to be very through in documenting each step so that anyone could disassemble the same product (Gate 2). For the third section of the group project we had to provide a complete analysis of every component of our weed wacker; commenting on its geometry and function (Gate 3). In the final section of the project (Gate 4) we reassembled the weed wacker; being through in our documentation so that anyone could put it back together. Finally, we had to go over each step and make the corrections that were offered by the graders of each section. The findings for all of sections above can be seen on the below pages.


Brent Haseley
Charles Kalbfell
Frances Kalbfell
James Quirk
James Ziccarelli


Gate One - Product Planning
Gate Two - Product Dissection
Gate Three - Product Analysis
Gate Four - Product Reassembly