Group 14 - Hitachi DS18DVF3 Cordless Power Drill

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Hitachi® Drill


Project Overview

This semester we will be reverse-engineering a product which has been approved by our professors and the Engineering Department. Throughout the project, we will be analyzing this product and the various aspects of its functionality from an engineering perspective. We will be carefully dissecting the product; discussing and interpreting the reasoning behind each component and the influence that each of the 4 GSEE factors (as well as other design considerations) had on the design.

By the end of the project we hope to fully understand the design rationale applied to our product and have the ability to apply that knowledge to other projects in the future. The ideal outcome of this project is a better understanding of the design and engineering processes and how they are applied in a real world scenario. During the span of the semester we hope to grow as students and engineers, we hope to gain an in depth understanding of how mechanical and electrical systems are applied and why this product was designed the way it was. We also strive to have an improved ability to explore real-world problems and generate useful solutions given design constraints.

Project Gates

For our Product Dissection & Analysis we are studying the Hitachi DS18DVF3 Drill. This wiki-page contains a summary of each gate and links to the gate deliverables.

Gate 1


As a group we decided to divide the Initial Assessment and Product Archaeology between all of us. We felt this allowed each of us to contribute more evenly to the project gate.
Regular meetings are a major component of our work strategy as these allow for steady progress updates and continual workflow. Each group member specified which roles they
wanted to assume for the project, and members were paired with the position they desired.
Difficulties arising from this project include the fact that none of us have fully taken apart a drill and none of us have edited a wiki-page before this project.
This has put some stress on us as we have had to learn how to edit the wiki page from scratch, with only the help resources given by our professors to guide us.


Group Members

  • Nurul Ali Yusup: (Project Leader/Planner) -
  • Muhammad Chaudhry: (Tech. Asst.) -
  • Brian Danson: (Head of Comms.) -
  • Ethan Gundlach: (Tech. Lead) -
  • Timothy Wilko: (Wiki Specialist/Asst. Planner) -

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