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For this project, Group 13 will be reverse engineering an internal combustion engine from a Honda CBR F2 by dis-assembly followed by reassembly. This process will be consisting of documentation of the systems, subsystems and the individual components within the four-stroke motor.

Team 13 Contact Information:
Group Members:
  • Timothy Brady email:
  • Jonathan Berlad email:
  • Christopher Ayers email:
  • Ryan Nelson email:
  • Brandon Phillips email:

Project Sections:

Project Management:

The Project Management portion of the project undertaken by Group 13 over the Fall 2010 semester addresses the issues dealing with the team itself and organization, planning and work that team 13 needed to execute during the duration of the project.

- Contains a brief look at the work required, procedures and the projected schedule along with the issues and conflicts that were dealt with throughout the project.

Product Archaeology:

- Shows an overlook of the product, including profiles of its different aspects.
- Contains a detailed log of the process and dissection pertaining to the Honda Engine, including a step by step procedure of the disassembling.
- Contains a list of all the components of the Honda Engine, along with detailed information concerning them.
- Contains a detailed log of the re-assembly pertaining to the Honda Engine.