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For this project, Group 13 will be reverse engineering an internal combustion engine from a Honda CBR F2 by dis-assembly followed by reassembly. This process will be consisting of documentation of the systems, subsystems and the individual components within the four-stroke motor.

Team 13 Contact Information:
Group Members:
  • Timothy Brady email:
  • Jonathan Berlad email:
  • Christopher Ayers email:
  • Ryan Nelson email:
  • Brandon Phillips email:

Project Sections:

Project Management:

- Contains a brief look at the work required, procedures and the projected schedule along with information and background on Group 13.
- This section contains a review of the project, examining the successes and shortcomings thus far.
- Displays an outline of the internal problems the group has faced as well ongoing issues within.
- An outline of how the internal problems the group were solved during the last stage of the project.

Product Archaeology:

- Shows an overlook of the product, including profiles of its different aspects.
- Contains a detailed log of the process and dissection pertaining to the Honda Engine, including a step by step procedure of the disassembling.
- Contains a list of all the components of the Honda Engine, along with detailed information concerning them.
- Contains a detailed log of the re-assembly pertaining to the Honda Engine.