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===Gate 1 Pages:===
===Gate 1 Pages:===
*[http://gicl.cs.drexel.edu/wiki/Group_13_-_Gate_1:_Project_Management ====Gate 1:==== Product Management]
*[http://gicl.cs.drexel.edu/wiki/Group_13_-_Gate_1:_Project_Management Gate 1: Product Management]
*[http://gicl.cs.drexel.edu/wiki/Group_13_-_Gate_1:_Product_Archaeology ====Gate 1:==== Product Archaeology]
*[http://gicl.cs.drexel.edu/wiki/Group_13_-_Gate_1:_Product_Archaeology Gate 1: Product Archaeology]

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For this project, Group 13 will be reverse engineering an internal combustion engine from a Honda CBR F2 by dis-assembly followed by reassembly. This process will be consisting of documentation of the systems, subsystems and the individual components within the four-stroke motor.

Team 13 Contact Information:
E-mail: MAE277Team13@gmail.com
Group Members:
  • Timothy Brady email: tjbrady@buffalo.edu
  • Jonathan Berlad email: jeberlad@buffalo.edu
  • Christopher Ayers email: chayers@buffalo.edu
  • Ryan Nelson email: ryannels@buffalo.edu
  • Brandon Phillips email: brandonp@buffalo.edu

Gate 1 Pages:

Gate 2 Pages:

Gate 3 Pages:

Gate 4 Pages: