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For the fall 2011 semester of MAE 277, Group12 will be heading the reverse engineering process of a vacuum cleaner. Our group consists of 6 members as one team. We will completely disassemble our product in a manner such that we can analyze each component and part from an engineering standpoint. At which time we will reassemble our product, returning it to its original state, having completed a full engineering analysis. The purpose of Gate1 helps the group 12 to become more familiar with the project. The group did work proposal, management proposal and product archaeology of Bissell 6579-2 vacuum model. The objective to Gate 1 is to prepare the dissection and lay out plan for this project.
Bissell PowerForce® Bagless Upright Vacuum 6579-2

Executive Summary

Gate1: Request for Proposal

Gate 1: Product Assessment Profiles






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