Group 11 - Weed Eater Featherlite 20C String Trimmer

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Product Overview

The Weed Eater Featherlite 20C gas-powered string trimmer is designed for the average person to use. It is a base model of various more heavy duty designs manufactured by Weed Eater. It provides the user with quality work that can be purchased at a low price. Over the semester our group will analyze, dissect, reanalyze, and reassemble this product in order to improve our understanding of its functions, subsystems and the design considerations that went into its production.

Group Members

  • Robert Lang: Project Manage
  • Erika Salem: Head Wiki Developer
  • Chris Mustacchio: 3D Modeling Expert
  • Peter Sloan: Dissection Specialist
  • John (Scott) Sommavilla: Head Documenter

Project Gates

Gate 1 - Project Planning/Proposal

Gate 2 - Product Dissection

Gate 3 - Product Analysis

Gate 4 - Product Explanation

Gate 5 - Delivery