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Group 11 was tasked this semester to reverse engineer our product, the beginner dirt bike, as instructed for the class MAE 277. The process of reverse engineering for this product consisted of our group having the dis-assemble, analyze and the reassemble our product. Along the way of completing the dis-assembly, and reassembly, the group was required to submit information about our process to the instructor in the form of gates. These gates are documented below for you to read and review.

Our group faced many challenges, but was able to complete all work in a satisfactory way. One such problem was coordinating between members. But we were able to develop a system that allowed us to communicate effectively between group members and stay in touch with weekly meetings. Another challenge was the overall size of our product. With our product consisting of over fifteen separate assemblies, we thought we would be overwhelmed by the amount of work we would have to do. Luckily we were paired with another group, Group 17 to work together in reverse engineering the beginner dirt bike.

Executive Summary

Listed here on this page are all of the submissions that our course required us to produce for this assignment. Each gate consisted of several tasks that our group needed to complete by the due date. Here is the overall summery of what each gate consisted of:

Gate 1: Request for Proposal: Gate one consisted of our introduction to our group and our product. The deliverables for this gate were the work proposal, the management proposal, and our initial product assessment.

Gate 2: Preliminary Design Review:This Gate consisted of out information that we had gathered after dissecting our product. The deliverables for this gate were a correction of our gate one, based on issues or fault. Also to provide a guide to dissecting out product, the dirt bike.

Gate 3: Coordination Review: This Gate consisted of doing analysis on our product. We had to do analysis of a specific system within our product, as well as think about design changes that would improve the function of the bike. We also had to document all of the parts that our product consisted of.

Gate 4: Critical Design Review:This Gate consisted of our documentation of reassembling the dirt bike. We also had questions that needed to be answered about the difference between dis-assembly and reassembly.

Gate One

Please see this page for our completed Gate 1


-Work Proposal

-Management Proposal

-Initial Product Assessment

Gate Two

Please see this page for our completed Gate 2


-Causes for Corrective Action

-Product Dissection Plan

Gate Three

Please see this page for our completed Gate 3


-Component Summary

-Design Revisions

-Solid Modeled Assembly

-Engineering Analysis

Gate Four

Please see this page for our completed Gate 4


-Product Reassembly Plan