Group 10 - Snow Blower (Gasoline Powered)

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Course Project Project Introduction
Snow blower.jpg each group will analyze, dissect, and reanalyze one or more products. For the product(s) dissected, the group will investigate the design, answering questions about functionality, aesthetics, manufacturing, and other engineering decisions. In doing so, students will explore the global, societal, environmental, and economic factors which shaped the final design. This process of reconstructing the lifecycle of a product – the customer requirements, design specifications, and manufacturing processes used to produce it – to understand the decisions that led to its development is known as product archaeology.

In addition to performing the product archaeology, students will also be required to manage the project themselves. This includes project planning tasks such decomposition of the project tasks, identifying internal deadlines, etc.; group management tasks must also be completed, including assigning roles, resolving conflicts, internal communication, etc.

Project Gates

Product Gate Number ' Product Description Link to Gate
Gate 1 : Project Planning

This gate is the planning stage of the our Product investigation. Here we begin by assessing the project, the product, and our group. The deliverables for this gate are a Work Proposal, Management Proposal, and the Initial product Assessment.

Gate 2 : Product Dissection Part 9999 group 10.png

With the groundwork of planning the dissection and organizing the team done, you are now ready to begin dissection of the physical product. Following your plan, you are to dissect the product, documenting the steps as you go. Post the dissection procedure and the supporting analysis to your technical report on the wiki.

Gate 3 : Product Analysis Clear assemboly.png

With the product dissected, you can now complete a detailed analysis of it. In this stage you will examine the product at the component and subsystem level, gathering detailed information. Present the information in your technical report on your wiki page.

Gate 4 : Product Explanation Assemboly 1 group 10 12.png

This is the planning stage of the project. You will be assessing the project, the product, and your group. The deliverables for this gate are the Work Proposal, Management Proposal, and the Initial Assessment. These are to be submitted in a technical report via the group’s wiki page.

Gate 5 : Delivery

In this stage you must finalize all deliverables. This includes finalizing the technical report and preparing the oral presentation. The final technical report should be published on the wiki; the oral presentation will be given at the scheduled time.

Gate 1 - Project Planning (Group 10)

Gate 2 - Product Dissection (Group 10)

Gate 3 - Product Analysis (Group 10)

Gate 4 - Product Explanation (Group 10)

Gate 5 - Delivery (Group 10)