Group 10 - Snow Blower (Gasoline Powered)

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Snow blower.jpg

Project Gates

Product Archaeology:Stage Stage Description Link to Page
Gate 1

In this section we documented all of the product’s components. In addition to an image of the component, we also identified the component’s function, materials used, manufacturing processes used,an model. As well as the number of times the components is used.

Gate 2 Part 9999 group 10.png

In this section we analyze the engineering decisions that were made during the design of our product, considering the many design questions ,in Table 1 (under the table one link to the right),of a few vital components of our product.In this section we also analyse the complexity of the parts in question using our derived Complexity Scale which can be found under the Complexity Scale link to the right.

Clear assemboly.png

In this section our group provides solid models of 5 key components of our Snow Blower using Autodesk Inventor.

Gate 4

In this section our group explains how engineering analysis would be used in the design of the Engine. we provide a detailed description including relevant equations and processes that would allow an engineer to easily perform this analysis following the analysis process.

Gate 5

In this section we suggest 4 design changes for our product at the component or subsystem level.

Gate 1 - Project Planning (Group 10)

Gate 2 - Product Dissection (Group 10)

Gate 3 - Product Analysis (Group 10)

Gate 4 - Product Explanation (Group 10)

Gate 5 - Delivery (Group 10)