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Executive Summary


This Wiki page serves to present all deliverables in a concise and organized setting for MAE 277 Group 10 of the Fall 2009 semester. Group 10's product is the Weed Eater LT7000.

The project proceeded with few problems along the way. Although the Line Trimmer did not initially function, we were successful in our Disassembly, Analysis of the components, and Reassembly. Our group was unable to repair the Line Trimmer during the Reassembly phase due to missing components as well as wear on components present. Much of our group's analysis is based off official documentation found online at the Weed Eater website listed in the References.

Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal Link

The Request for Proposal contains the following information:

  • Work Proposal
  • Management Proposal
  • Initial Product Assessment

Preliminary Design Review

Preliminary Design Review Link

The Preliminary Design Review contains the following information:

  • Causes of Corrective Action
  • Product Dissection Plan
  • References

Coordination Review

Coordination Review Link

The Coordination Review contains the following information:

  • Causes of Corrective Action
  • Component Summary
  • Design Revisions
  • Solid Model Assembly
  • Engineering Analysis

Critical Project Review

Critical Project Review Link

The Critical Project Review contains the following information:

  • Product Assembly Plan
  • Reassembly Steps
  • Post Reassembly Topics


Weed Eater

McMaster Carr

Different Types of Screws, Drives, and Heads