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This Wiki page serves to present all deliverables in a concise and organized setting for MAE 277 Group 10 of the Fall 2009 semester. Group 10's product is the Line Trimmer. All sections may be accessed using the Table of Contents or by standard scrolling. This page will be updated at the conclusion of each Gate.

Request for Proposal

Delivery Date: 10/09/2009

Work Proposal

Required Tools for Dissection

Socket Wrench Set - Used to remove several nuts that are on the product

  • Bottom of the trimmer
    • There is a nut holding in place the plastic disk which holds the trimming pieces
    • There is a nut between the plastic disk and the metal shaft
  • Spark plug
    • We will need a wrench to open the spark plug up

Flat head screwdrivers - These will be used to remove flat headed screws and pry open certain areas of the line trimmer

  • Bottom of the trimmer
    • Two screws holding the plastic foot guard on
  • Top of the trimmer
    • External coverings that would be best removed by prying with a flat headed screwdriver
    • There are some visible flat head screws that are for making adjustments to the engine which will need to be removed

Phillips head screwdrivers - These will be used to remove Phillips head screws

  • Top of the trimmer
    • Four Phillips head screws keeping the trigger hand grip on
    • Two Phillips head screws holding the cover of the choke box on
    • Under the external coverings we expect to find additional Phillips head screws holding down more coverings and pieces to the main frame

Allen Wrench Set – These will be used to remove screws with an Allen head on them

  • Top of the trimmer
    • There are six Allen wrench screws on the bottom of the engine and tank cover
    • There are four Allen wrench screws on the top of the engine and gas tank cover

Small Hammer - It will be used for loosing parts that need to be pried off
Throttle Cable - This will be used for removing springs

Potential Challenges and Outcomes

Refer to Gantt Chart and Timeline in the Management Proposal

Durability of Parts - If we break a piece during our disassembly or reassembly, it will take time to replace the piece properly. This will also present a challenge as it will be necessary to find an almost exact replica of the part to ensure proper reassembly.

Scheduling Conflicts Among Group Members - It is possible that tests, homework, sports and various other activities could interfere in the ability of the group to coordinate meeting times. This could slow down any phase of the project as full group cooperation is what is needed to create and provide a complete and well coordinated analysis.

Possible Emergency - Emergencies happen and the ability of the group to maintain on the predicted timeline may be a challenge as major emergencies are not accounted for in the timeline.

Ability to Assemble/Reassemble Product - Based on experience in the group, the amount of time to assemble the trimmer will vary. While minor variations are accounted for in the timeline, a major problem in our ability to disassemble/reassemble will cause our group to fall behind schedule.

Member’s Capabilities and Shortcomings

Andrew Engelbach-Schafer

  • Capabilities
    • Some Autodesk Inventor experience
    • Some experience in disassembling product
    • Group project experience from PLTW courses in High School and Architecture internship
  • Shortcomings
    • No experience with a Wiki
    • Never disassembled a small engine

Ryan Adams

  • Capabilities
    • List here
  • Shortcomings
    • List here

Damitha Abeykoon

  • Capabilities
    • List here
  • Shortcomings
    • List here

Patrick Smith

  • Capabilities
    • Wiki administration experience
    • Autodesk Inventor experience
    • Exposure to reverse engineering techniques from PLTW courses
  • Shortcomings
    • No experience in disassembly of gas engines
    • Poor coordination when dealing with small components

Justin Storms

  • Capabilities
    • List here
  • Shortcomings
    • List here