Gate 4: Critical Project Review

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Coordination Review

Below are issues that group 23 had during Gate 4.

Group Problems

Problem Explanation Resolved? Outcome
Broken Fastener During the reassembly of the Honda engine one of the fasteners was over torque and sustained a small crack in its threads. Resolved We were able to put the bolt back in without any huge issues
Huge bag of random parts During the dissection portion of the project the group found a large bag of random parts left inside the air box of the Honda engine. It contained several bolts and screws. Unresolved We were left with this bag of parts that were not put back into the engine. This would be bad if the motor was ever going to be used in a motorcycle and driven on the road.
Finishing Gate 3 We had some issues with our gate 3 and the solid modeling not being done in the correct format. Resolved We had to meet on a Saturday morning to do the solid modeling and then put it up on wiki for the final grading of the project.
Time issues To finish out the semester the group had many different things that they were trying to do at the same time. With a full work schedule from other classes we struggled to figure out times to finish the project. Resolved We worked together and separately to get all of the work done that was needed. And like the other parts of the project we successfully finished everything.

Overall group 23 worked together well as a team and successfully completed each portion of this project. We overcame adversity and made the best of the project.