Gate 1 - Project Planning (Group 10)

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\'\'\'Course Project\'\'\' \'\'\'Project Introduction\'\'\' \'\'\'Product Introduction Link\'\'\'
Snow blower.jpg This is the planning stage of our the project. The deliverable\'s for this gate are the Work Proposal, Management Proposal, and the Initial Assessment. Here we outline the future of the course project projecting how we will manege ourselves as a group and finding out out weaknesses and strengths. Project Introduction Outline -(Group 10)

\'\'\'Product Archaeology:Stage\'\'\' \'\'\'Stage Description\'\'\' \'\'\'Link to Page\'\'\'
\'\'\'Project Management: Work Proposal\'\'\'

Here our group provides an overview of how we plan to reverse engineer our product. Propose an approach for disassemble and assembly with specific details on what tools will anticipate being required. we also project how long it will take and the challenges we have identified through initial inspection of our product. Here we include a summary of the capabilities our group and the shortcomings we may have.

\'\'\'Project Management: Management Proposal\'\'\'

Here we provide a point of contact for our professor to get in touch with the group and outline how often we will meet, where we will meet and at what times. we also provide a plan that will enable us to meet all the project requirements in the timeline provided. This includes roles for our group members.

\'\'\'Product Archaeology\'\'\'

Here we complete a thorough analysis of our product without doing any dissection. The goal of this stage is to familiarize our group with the product and gather the required information to successfully complete the product dissection. our analysis includes answers the questions in Gate 1 Table 1.