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===Cause for Corrosive Action===
=Cause for Corrosive Action=
===Product Archaeology===
=Product Archaeology=
===Product Reassembly===
===Product Reassembly===
==== Dissection of Product ====
===Dissection of Product===
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{| style="color:blue; background-color:#ffffcc;" cellpadding="10" class="wikitable"
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====Design Revisions====
===Design Revisions===

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Cause for Corrosive Action

Product Archaeology

Product Reassembly

Dissection of Product

Step Description Image
1 Take the drum clip apart from the nerf gun by pressing the orange lever, located above the trigger, and pulling the drum out of it's place in the gun.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Tools used: Hands
  • This step is intended by by manufacturer in order to provide a system to load the gun.
2 There are 5 screws (indicated by the orange boxes) in the cocking mechanism. By taking the screws out of the cocking mechanism and taking the cocking mechanism off of the frame, you can take off the rear cap (indicated by the green box), take out the 11 screws on the frame (indicated by the blue boxes) and separate the frames into two parts.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Tools used: Screw driver (screws), hands (removal of cap, frame and cocking mechanism)

It is possible that the manufacturer might have enabled the easy removal of the cocking mechanism and frame in order for a consumer to customize the gun, such as coloring it, but it looks like the screws are the cheapest alternative to connecting the frames.

3 You will now have two parts of a frame. The trigger components (indicated by the green box in picture A)are held together by 4 screws (indicated by the blue boxes in picture B) and a spring (indicated by the yellow bow in picture B). By taking out the screws and the springs, you can take out all the trigger components.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Tools used: Screw driver (screws), hands (removal of trigger components)
  • The manufacturer did not intent for the components to be removed. The components were set to fit into the frame upon the connecting of the two frames and the trigger was just resting on the components. This is why it was so easy to remove.
4 You know can see two main components of the gun, the coil (in picture A) and the chamber (in picture B). A)03.jpgB)04.jpg
5 After close observation and awkward placement of a screwdriver, it is possible to remove the chamber from the gun. Now you can see how the chamber and it's components work together and how they connect to the rest of the gun.
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Tools used: Screw driver (screws), hands (removal of chamber)
  • This step was extremely difficult because of the location of the chamber inside the barrel, which is glued, and the awkward placement of the screws. The chamber and coil are not meant to be removed from the frame.
6 To take apart the drum, take out the 6 screws on the top of the drum (indicated by the white boxes and arrow) and remove the orange stem and black cap. Upon removing the orange stem, a spring and orange cap will be released. Take out the 4 screws on the bottom cover (indicate by the white boxes in picture B) and remove the bottom cover
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Tools used: Screw driver (screws), hands (removal of stem and caps)
  • The removal of the stem and cap was not intended. Many parts of the stem had to fit into the drum so precisely in order for the drum to function correctly.
7 Now you can see the components that make up the trigger for the reloading mechanism. Taking off the spring (indicated by the yellow box) lets the reloading trigger (indicated by the purple box) free. You can now take the trigger, spring, and rod (indicated by the blue box) off. Now, take out the 6 screws (indicated by the white boxes) and take off the black lid.
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Tools used: Screw driver (screws), hands (removal of trigger, springs and rod)
  • Removal of the springs and components of the reloding mechanism was easy, but very difficult to put back together because of the complexity of the placement of the simple components in order for the drum to be reloaded properly.
8 You should not have the components shown in pictures A and B. A)1802.jpgB)1810.jpg
9 By taking out the 4 screws (indicated by the white boxes) on the orange lid, you will release the 3 other springs and spring caps. Your result should like look picture B.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Tools used: Screw driver (screws), hands (removal of lid, springs and caps)
  • This process of removing the springs was simple due to the fact that the springs were only held by the lid and topped off by the cap. I do not believe the manufacturers intended for this to be neccessary because of all of the pieces you needed to take apart in order to get to this step.
10 Once you remove the springs, you have an empty barrel and you can see the design that is intended to keep the disc bullets in place. 400.jpg1814.jpg


Design Revisions