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Extension: .gbr

System: Gerber (RS-274-X)

Description: ASCII File with D Codes, aperture table included.

Extension: GBR

Program and/or Extension Function: Gerber Format File

Specific Notes: (Graphics Language for the Electronics Industry) A Gerber File is a standard file format used by printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication houses that contains information necessary for computer controlled machines to draw exact patterns for circuit boards.

MIME Type: application/gbr, application/x-gbr, drawing/x-gbr, image/x-gbr

Associated Links: Viewer, ViewMate Free Gerber File Viewer, GC-Prevue Free Gerber File Viewer, Wikipedia Gerber File Description

Identifying Characters: Hex: 25, ASCII: %

Program ID: (None or Unknown)

General Notes: (None)