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Final Report for CS 680: Computational Model of Bio-Inspried Robots


This course required us to build a physical and virtual robot inspired by a living creature. I modeled the movement of a nara cricket. Even though the biobot does not resemble the small desert cricket, the leg motions used to move the robot is similar. The physical robot went through a few stages before reaching it final state. During this project I learned about the different stages of modeling as well as the challenges that can arise.

Final Design

I first assembled my physical model using a Legos. There is one motor in the final design powering four legs. The legs dangle free and in order to keep them parallel with the ground I built a leg brace to limit this motion. This worked very well in the physical model; however, it was a problem when I got to creating a virtual simulation. I used SolidWorks to create my virtual model. It most accurately portrays the first physical design (details are outlined below). When creating a simulation in Solid Works I found that it would stop the motion once it had detected a collision. Since my walking motion was designed to have collisions between the leg and leg brace it could not be simulated with this tool. The next step would be to attempt to export this assembly and use another tool for physics based simulations, or perhaps even create a new and more accurate assembly in a new tool that is know for is physics based simulations.

Physical Model Virtual Model
Used plates Used yellow bricks in place of plates
Used tires as feet Used gears as feet
Used vertical bars to hold Legos together when walking Did not need bars since SolidWorks does not calculate force
Has a motor powering with axels Axels are not connected and two rotational forces must be applied
Gears connect the two axels Axels are not connected


This section includes a list of files that can be used to reconstruct the physical and/or virtual model of the biobot.

Bill of Materials


Final Videos