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Assignment 1 consists of 3 parts, which basically amount to the Freshman robot design lab course.

Assignment 1 will be further refined, but this is a good starting point for you to work towards.

Part 1

Have the Roomba exit a predefined maze (this may not be the exact maze, we will update this) by dead reckoning.

see Winter 2007 Challenge 1 for more information about the task, but note that this is not the actual maze.

The actual maze will be the hallway of University Commons. Below is a map of the hallway in University Crossings between room 147 and room 151. You will start at room 147 and follow the path indicated by the yellow arrows towards 151. You should avoid all of the colored squares in the hall. Each tile in the hallway is 1 sq. ft.

Hallway Map.gif

Part 2

Implement a general maze exiting strategy (such as DFS/wall following) for the Roomba to exit a maze.

see Winter 2007 Challenge 2 for more information.

You will not be graded on the time it takes your Roomba to exit the maze, only that it succeeds in exiting the maze.

Part 3

Have the Roomba sing a song.

see Winter 2007 Challenge 4