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Evan Sultanik is currently a student at the Drexel University Department of Computer Science in the College of Engineering working toward the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science. Evan holds a B.S. in Mathematics, B.S. in Computer Science, and M.S. in Computer Science, having graduated with distinction. He currently occupies a joint position in the Drexel University Geometric and Intelligent Computing Laboratory and the Applied Communications and Information Networking Program that he has held since 2001. Evan's current research foci include secure mobile agent systems, wireless ad hoc networks, distributed constraint optimization, and agent system modeling, under the direction of Drs. William Regli, P. Jay Modi, and Moshe Kam. Evan is a member of the IEEE, ACM, ΥΠΕ, and holds the rank of Eagle Scout. In wasting his spare time, Evan enjoys cycling, contributing to Wikipedia, reviewing restaurants, and contributing to open source projects. Aside from when he is writing in a biographical format, though, Evan does not often refer to himself in the 3rd person.

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