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The air filter’s purpose is to clean the air that will be used in the carburetor to enrich the fuel to produce a better running engine. The air has to be clean so there is no build up in the carburetor which could result in poor performance or engine failure. A variety of filters are used for different engines, including paper, foam, and cotton. The filter is usually made up of two parts, the breather and the housing. The breather is the actual part that allows air to pass through but stops particles from getting into the engine.

Paper filter: Paper filters are the most commonly used filters. They are commonly used because they are cheap, efficient, and easily worked on. These filters are not made of common paper like that used for writing on. Although it is commonly believed that these filters are restrictive to air flow, they are actually very good and only limit flow when they are clogged by dirt.

Foam filter: These filters are made by wetting polyurethane foam with oil. They were commonly used in the past on small engines like lawn mower engines but have since been replaced by the paper filter. These types of filters can be very resistant to air flow problems and dirt build-up. For those reasons, they are often used in off-road racing where dirt is a factor.


How it works


Air filters work by using paper or other materials to trap foreign particles from incoming air while still allowing the air to pass through. As dirt builds up on the filter, its efficacy is actually increased because the holes in the filter become smaller. However, if too much air is restricted, the engine must work harder to intake air and the lifespan and fuel consumption suffer. Air filters are recommended to be changed at regular intervals depending on the frequency and type of use.


Oil bath cleaners were the product of choice until the early 1960s when paper filters became more prominent. Although a larger portion of the automotive industry uses paper filters now, oil filters are still commonly used in off road vehicles because of their ability to retain a lot of dirt considering their small size. In recent years, the cotton air filter has begun to see more usage, especially in the high performance automobile market.






3D parts

Subassembly Bill of Materials
Part Name # Req'd Function Mfg Process Material CAD File Image
Base Plate 1 lower casing of air filter press molded steel Base Plate
Engine Air Cleaner Base Plate.jpg
Paper Filter 1 Fine particle air filter Several, held together with injection molded rubber papper, rubber, steel Paper Filter
Engine Air Cleaner Paper Airfilter.jpg
Foam Filter 1 large particle air filter press molded foam Foam Filter
Engine Air Cleaner Foam Filter.jpg
Bolt 2 bolt that holds the air filter casing together. molded steel Bolt
Engine Air Cleaner Bolt.jpg
pin 1 used to adjust throtle bent metal steel Pin
Engine Air Cleaner Pin.jpg
Air Filter Assembly 1 To clean the air going into the engine Not applicable Not applicable Full Assembly 1
Engine Air Cleaner Fullassembly1.jpg