Dissected Parts to an Internal Combustion Engine

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Briggs and Stratton four-stroke engine

List of Dissected Parts from an Internal Combustion Engine for a Lawn Mower

The table belows lists the Bill of Materials for the Internal Combustion Engine for a lawn mower:

Internal Combustion Engine Bill of Materials
Part # Part Name Category Function Material(s) Picture
1 Cover Transmission Elements Gear on pull string starts motor. Stamped metal, plastic
Cover mjd.JPG
2 Grill Other Keeps large objects out Metal mesh
Grill mjd.JPG
3 Throttle body Motion Conversion Elements Linkage when pulled lets gas into carburetor Stamped metal
Throttlebody mjd.JPG
4 Choke Motion Conversion Elements Linkage when moved controls richness of gas in carburetor Stamped metal
Choke mjd.JPG
5 Cylinder head Structural Components, Support Elements Provides air path and combustion surface Cast iron
Cylinderhead mjd.JPG
6 Muffler/exhaust Other Lowers sound and temperature of exhaust gases Stamped metal
Muffler mjd.JPG
7 Valve cover Structural Components Provides access and covers valve springs Stamped metal
Valvecover mjd.JPG
8 Spark plug and distributor Input Supplies spark to ignite combustion cycle Stamped metal, copper wire, plastic
Sparkplug mjd.JPG
9 Ratchet starter Motion Conversion Elements, Support Elements Allows pull string to retract and engages in opposite direction Stamped metal, cast iron
Ratchetstarter mjd.JPG
10 Flywheel Support Elements, Transmission Elements Cools engine, brakes engine, and helps start engine Cast aluminum
Flywheel mjd.JPG
11 Crank blade attachment Support Elements Connects crank shaft to blade output Cast metal
Crankblade mjd.JPG
12 Oil pan engine mount Structural Components Holds and supplies oil to engine and mounts engine to frame Cast iron
Oilpan mjd.JPG
13 Cam shaft Transmission Elements Moves with crank shaft to open and close valves Plastic
14 Piston/Rod Assembly Input Provides power through four stroke combustion cycle Forged steel, cast iron
Pistonrod mjd.JPG
15 Crankshaft Output Converts linear power to rotational power Forged steel
Crankshaft mjd.JPG

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