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The CAD Data Archiving Tool Server or Archiving Tool Server is an open-source back-end application designed to operate with the CAD Data Archiving Tool client. It is currently under development and written using Java Servlets while employing the PostgreSQL database for user, project, and file information.

The Archiving Tool Server is designed to allowed engineers to manage their account in the system, administrate and handle projects, and efficiently and dynamically distribute files. With a user friendly interface, users can navigate with ease and complete desired tasks effectively.


  • Page-by-page security
  • Three level user system: Super Admin, Admin, User
  • Add/modify users information
  • Add/modify projects
  • Manage project admin, writable users, readable users
  • Interaction with client software
  • View projects and file association
  • Download file sets
  • Generate a public link for publishing file sets
  • View server logs