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The table belows lists the Bill of Materials for the disposable camera:
The table belows lists individual parts for DeWalt DW 217 Drill.
{| border="1" align="center"
{| border="1" align="center"
|+ '''Table 3.1: Disposable Camera Bill of Materials'''
|+ '''Table: DeWalt DW 217 Drill Parts'''
! width="50"|Part # !! width="100"|Part Name !! width="50"|# Req'd !! width="120"|Mat'l !! width="145"| Manufacturing Process !! width="100"|Image
! width="50"|Part # !! width="100"|Part Name !! width="50"|3D model !! width="50"|2D model !! width="50"
! 1
! 1
| align="center"|Back Interior  
| align="center"|Back Interior  

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                                        DeWalt DW 217 Drill
Drill body.JPG


  • Product: Heavy Duty 1/4 inch Drill
  • UNSPC code (for power drill): 2711270
  • Make: DeWalt
  • Model: DW 217
  • Power: 120 V AC at 50 to 60 Hz, 6.7 Amps
  • Speed: 0 to 4000 RPM
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs or 1.45 kg


(The 2D drawings with dimensions for each part can be viewed by clicking the name of the part.)

The table belows lists individual parts for DeWalt DW 217 Drill.

Ball_bearing - assists the smooth rotation of the motor.
Ball bearing.jpg

Brush_left - assists the stable rotation of the motor.

Brush left.jpg

Brush_right - assists the stable rotation of the motor.

Brush right.jpg

Chuck_bearing - assists the smooth rotation of the chuck.

Chuck bearing.jpg

Chuck_holder - holds different chucks. useful for various tasks.

Chuck holder.jpg

Circuit_box - powers the drill and controls the speed of motor rotation.

Circuit-box (switch).jpg

Coil_spring - regulates the contact between the journal and the brush.

Coil spring.jpg

Cover_chuck - secures chuck holder into place, also covers other internal structures.


Direction_switch - switches the direction of current to switch the direction of chuck rotation.

Direction switch.jpg

Fan - vents the inside of drill and cools internal structures.


Field - creates electromagnetic field for the motor to be rotated.

Drill core.JPG

Gasket - cushon between the chuck cover and the lid to reduce transmitted vibration from chuck to internal structures.

Drill gasket.JPG

Gear - transmits torque from the motor to chuck.


Gear_bearing - assists smooth rotation of the gear.

Gear bearing.jpg

Housing_1 - protects inner structures.

Drill Casing.JPG
Housing 1.jpg

Housing_2 - protects inner structures.

Drill handle.JPG
Housing 2.jpg

Lock - allows for constant speed drilling without manual compression of the trigger.


Longest_screw ( x 4) - secure chuck cover into place. Also assists in securing rear housing onto front housing.

Longest screw.jpg

Magnet - helps stable rotation of the motor when current is run through.


Medium_screws ( x 2) - secures the rear housing onto the front housing.

Middle screw.jpg

Lid - Separates the inner structures from gears and chuck.


Pin ( x 2) - hold current direction box in one piece.


Pusher - helps hold magnet in place.


Rotor_journal - the motor. Generates torque to spin the chuck.

Rotor journal.jpg

Round_case - holds field in place.

Drill plastic interior.JPG

Rubber_cover - allows for snug-fit of the ball bearing into place.

Drill rubber gasket.JPG
Rubber cover.jpg

Shaft_bearing - allows the smooth rotation of the shaft.

Shaft bearing.jpg

Shaft_wormgear - wormgear transmits the direct torque from the motor.

Shaft warmgear.jpg

Short_screw ( x 2) - secures brush sockets into their places.

Short screw.jpg

Top_box (current direction box) - Controls the direction of current.

Top box.jpg

Trigger (switch) - Pulled to turn on the drill.



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Table: DeWalt DW 217 Drill Parts
Part # Part Name 3D model 2D model width="50"
1 Back Interior 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding
Camera back interior.JPG
2 Back Plastic Cover 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding
Camera Back Exterior Cover.JPG
3 Camshaft 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding
Camera Camshaft.JPG
4 Eyehole for Shutter 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding
Camera Eyehole.JPG
5 Film Advance Gear 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding
Camera Film Advance.JPG