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Brush_left - assists the stable rotation of the motor.   
[[Brush_left]] - assists the stable rotation of the motor.   
[[Image: Brush left.jpg |thumb| |300px|center]]
[[Image: Brush left.jpg |thumb| |300px|center]]

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                                        DeWalt DW 217 Drill
Drill body.JPG


  • Product: Heavy Duty 1/4 inch Drill
  • UNSPC code (for power drill): 2711270
  • Make: DeWalt
  • Model: DW 217
  • Power: 120 V AC at 50 to 60 Hz, 6.7 Amps
  • Speed: 0 to 4000 RPM
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs or 1.45 kg


(The 2D drawings with dimensions for each part can be viewed by clicking the name of the part.)

Ball_bearing - assists the smooth rotation of the motor.

Ball bearing.jpg

Brush_left - assists the stable rotation of the motor.

Brush left.jpg

Brush_right - assists the stable rotation of the motor.

Brush right.jpg

Chuck_bearing - assists the smooth rotation of the chuck.

Chuck bearing.jpg

Chuck_holder - holds different chucks. useful for various tasks.

Chuck holder.jpg

Circuit_box - powers the drill and controls the speed of motor rotation.

Circuit-box (switch).jpg

Coil_spring - regulates the contact between the journal and the brush.

Coil spring.jpg

Cover_chuck - secures chuck holder into place, also covers other internal structures.


Direction_switch - switches the direction of current to switch the direction of chuck rotation.

Direction switch.jpg

Fan - vents the inside of drill and cools internal structures.


Field - creates electromagnetic field for the motor to be rotated.

Drill core.JPG

Gasket - cushon between the chuck cover and the lid to reduce transmitted vibration from chuck to internal structures.

Drill gasket.JPG

Gear - transmits torque from the motor to chuck.


Gear_bearing - assists smooth rotation of the gear.

Gear bearing.jpg

Housing_1 - protects inner structures.

Drill Casing.JPG
Housing 1.jpg

Housing_2 - protects inner structures.

Drill handle.JPG
Housing 2.jpg

Lock - allows for constant speed drilling without manual compression of the trigger.


Longest_screw ( x 4) - secure chuck cover into place. Also assists in securing rear housing onto front housing.

Longest screw.jpg

Magnet - helps stable rotation of the motor when current is run through.


Medium_screws ( x 2) - secures the rear housing onto the front housing.

Middle screw.jpg

Lid - Separates the inner structures from gears and chuck.


Pin ( x 2) - hold current direction box in one piece.


Pusher - helps hold magnet in place.


Rotor_journal - the motor. Generates torque to spin the chuck.

Rotor journal.jpg

Round_case - holds field in place.

Drill plastic interior.JPG

Rubber_cover - allows for snug-fit of the ball bearing into place.

Drill rubber gasket.JPG
Rubber cover.jpg

Shaft_bearing - allows the smooth rotation of the shaft.

Shaft bearing.jpg

Shaft_wormgear - wormgear transmits the direct torque from the motor.

Shaft warmgear.jpg

Short_screw ( x 2) - secures brush sockets into their places.

Short screw.jpg

Top_box (current direction box) - Controls the direction of current.

Top box.jpg

Trigger (switch) - Pulled to turn on the drill.



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