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(Gate 2)
(Finalization of Deliverables)
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=Finalization of Deliverables=
=Finalization of Deliverables=
This section lists the revisions made in each gate.
==Gate 1==
==Gate 1==
#Work Proposal
#Work Proposal

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Finalization of Deliverables

Gate 1

  1. Work Proposal
    • Added how long each step will take
    • Added section about needed skills to be developed
  2. Management Proposal
    • Stated how many people must be present to make a decision
  3. Product Archaeology
    • Gave examples for complexity profile
    • Elaborated on user interactions
    • Added text and discussion to product alternative profile

Gate 2

  1. Preliminary Project Review
    • Stated how we will overcome future challenges
  2. Product Dissection
    • Identified challenges
    • Elaborated on difficulty scale
    • Added text to subsystem documentation
    • Explained why subsystems are connected
    • Explained implementation and arrangement of subsystems
  3. Professionalism
    • Added labels and captions

Gate 3

  1. Overall
    • Added figure labels
    • Improved formatting
  2. Coordination Review
    • Documented the effectiveness of the new time management plan
  3. Product Analysis
    • Noted that plastic is not included in the analysis of the steering column
    • Improved difficulty scale
  4. Engineering analysis
    • Documented how gear reduction analysis will be used in designing/testing the product
  5. Design revisions
    • Stated how the the frame will be reinforced in the design revision section
    • Added image of the rear axle revision

Gate 4

  1. Product Archeology
    • Measured the difficulty scale on better terms(i.e technical knowledge e.t.c)
    • Added Original assembly documentation
  2. Design Revisions
    • Addressed more societal concerns

Oral Presentation

The follow images depicts the presentation used during the groups oral presentation done in class.