David Wilkie's Bio-Inspired Robot Project

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This class is emphasizing the construction of comprehensive models for bio-inspired robots. "Bio-inspired" means inspired by evolution's solutions to various problems (my definition). For example, ant colonies use a

For most students in the class, the initial model is, somewhat paradoxically, the physical model. That is, it is some lego or similar creation capable of undertaking some bio-inspired gait (wheels need not apply). This is an ideal initial model due to the simplicity and versatility of legos. Prototyping with legos can occur much quicker than in a CAD system (at for users with no experience with CAD).

Software, hardware, power, sensors and their interactions CAD/3D/Assembly Modeling Geometry, topology, constraints, joints and features Functional Modeling Intended use (or function) for the device (note, device may have other unintended functions or uses) Behavioral Modeling System inputs/outputs, motion characteristic, etc that achieve the function Physics-based modeling Statics, kinematics, dynamics and laws of physics Information Modeling Data, relationships, semantics (meaning)