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Course Title

Science and Technology of Everyday Life


The course attempts to explain the principles behind the technologies which define our modern way of life. The class surveys a broad range of technology including: radio, television, computers, ultrasound, microwave ovens, and the automobile. Consumer products serve as a means of illustrating scientific knowledge and its applications. The course seeks to remove some of the mystery surrounding science and technology. We live in a very complex and interconnected world created through modern technology. Too often this technology seems as enigmatic as magic. We will identify some key concepts from the sciences that are applied frequently in modern technology, and work to obtain an understanding of these principles. The course is intended for the general education of liberal arts students who are not majoring in science or engineering.


This section includes the objective and the activity level of the course




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Activity Classification

The table of Activity Classification for the course

Activity Classification
Cross-Cutting Concepts Congnitive Dimension Tech Topic Area - Engineering
○ Systems ● Knowledge ○ Medical
○ Bio-based
○ Design ● Capabilities ○ Engergy & Power
○ Info Tech & Comm
○ Connections ● Decision-making ○ Transfortation
○ Manufacturing & Const

Teaching Materials

General teaching Materials