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The content of this wiki page refers to the Exceed Hyper Speed Nitro RC Buggy.

Current Designs

The controller layout has the steering wheel on the right side, making it so the user must hold the controller and operate the throttle with their left hand and steer with their right hand. This is not a problem for most, as more people are right-handed than left-handed, but does pose an inconvenience for those who are left-handed.

Figure 1: Front and right side view of the controller

Possible Redesigns

To make the car more user friendly, we recommend that the controller unit be adapted to also accommodate left-handed users. To do this, one of two things can be done. The first would be to extend the internal shaft of the steering mechanism to not only protrude on the right side, where the wheel used to steer the car is attached, but also on the left and to simply add another wheel to the left side of the controller as well, giving the user the option of driving however they see fit. The second option would be similar to the first, involving extending the internal shaft to also protrude from the left side, but rather than simply adding a second steering wheel to the left side making the original wheel so that it can be detached from one side and easily placed on the other, again giving the user the option of driving left-handed.