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Under Construction
Under Construction

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Under Construction

Week 2

This week I spent playing with the Legos and attempting to figure out how gears actually work. I also downloaded and installed Microstation. This proved to be non-trivial because the license supplied with the package is out of date. Another one exists in the Bentley directory on software.drexel.edu though, for the astute web surfer. Read the file and follow the simple directions for installation.

That being said, I've also been trying to figure out Microstation. It is a very complex program with little documentation. I found a tutorial online that is only average and only works for 2-D drawings. Check [1] for information. Additionally, it is worth noting that the default file type (.dgn) is 2-D when you create a new project within Microstation. Be sure to change the file type to .dwg when creating a new document.

Perhaps we can start up a Microstation FAQ, for instance. Maybe I will add a link to a skeleton to the main page. Help for even the smallest task would be fantastic. I cannot even make a cube!!!